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It is matter of pride to get selected in NDA clearing the tough exam and interview. The admission in the National Defense Academy is through an entrance exam, which is conducted twice every year. This entrance exam is one of the most prestigious and the most difficult exams in the country. Every year many students appear for the exam in the hope of getting into the prestigious field of defense, but a very few clear the exam. This test is of great importance for the people who love to be in defense forces and do something for the motherland being a part of any of the armed forces such as Army, Navy or Air force. Though the test is not too difficult to clear, yet yes it needs really much hard work, dedication and discipline in preparation for the same.

About exam:

The NDA exam is held for the students willing to join the three forces of the nation that are Army, Air Force and Navy. The general times when this exam takes place in the year are the months of April and September. This is a field where students find themselves facing a number of opportunities that will lead them to success.

After admission:

The NDA institutes give out degrees in Art, science and computer science. The cadet gets these degrees as the training gets over, and they are ready to join their respective forces. If any candidate joins the technical stream, then, he gets awarded with engineering degree. All the subjects ranging from engineering to medicine are covered in these institutes, thus, making the candidates fit to survive the harsh environment of force.

The option of choosing any particular field is given to the candidates at the time of filling the form. The candidate needs to clear in the form that which field of the defense he needs to join.


As the registration is done, the next step is to take the test, but before that preparation is done. The question paper of NDA includes the questions of math and general ability. The candidate needs to prepare himself to successfully answer the questions correctly in order to get selected.


For the purpose of preparation, a candidate can also take the help of the NDA sample papers, which are available in the market or on the internet for the aspirants. There are many sites on internet that offer the whole set of previous year papers, which can help the candidates to get a clear idea of the difficulty level of the paper, and give them a chance to brace themselves for the coming challenge. These question papers can be downloaded from the site anytime, and can be kept saved in the computer for reference. These sample papers can be of great help when it comes to understanding the pattern of the exam.


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