GATE: Entry into technical education

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In the modern world of education, it is not that easy to get admission in any course of your choice. There is a huge level of competition and the winner who gets through such competitive exams can have the admission in the concerned course of his choice. The story is perfectly fit for courses like engineering and technology also. The test of Gate is a perfect illustration of it. In recent years, the popularity of this test has increased like anything and so aspirants prepare for it very seriously.

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is commonly known as GATE. This is a national level exam, which is conducted for students who are willing to enter the field related to engineering and technology. This exam is conducted and regulated under the management of Indian Institute of Science and the IITs in the country. These authorities regulate the examination as per the suggested guidelines of the National Coordination Board-Gate with the support of the Government of India and other authorities.

Future aspects:
The students who are willing to enter the technology or engineering field need to go through this test so that their ability and aptitude can be judged by the authorities and decide on their capability of keeping up with the courses. A number of good technical colleges in the country accept the score of this exam. Many of the colleges, which provide the course of Engineering Graduation, need a good score in the GATE examination. The extra assistance that is needed by these technology schools is given to them, but in coordination with some other authorities.

About the exam:
The Gate exam is the most important event in the life of a student who is dreaming about the stepping into the field of engineering. They keep waiting for the gate 2014 exam notification , which tells them that they are about to face the most important exam, which will decide on their career. The Gate exam starts in the month of February and carries on till march for the online mode. In the next year, the exam will be held from 2nd February to 1st march. So the candidates need to brace themselves for the challenge that is coming.

The exam is conducted in two different modes, which are online and offline mode. In the online mode, the students must give the test on a computer on which they need to click on to select the correct answer. The other one is the offline mode in which an answer sheet is provided to the candidate along with the question paper, and the candidate has to darken the choice, which is an answer.

For the next year, there has been an inclusion in the syllabus of the exam. There is a new paper with the name ‘Ecology and Evolution’ for which the candidates need to prepare themselves. The exam is not far away, and it is creating a wave of agitation in the aspirants.


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