UGC NET: Assistance in preparation

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The UGC Net exam is very much popular among the people who wish to go for a career in the teaching or research field. The UGC has introduced this test as qualifying criteria for teaching or to enter the fellowship programs in any university. The test is conducted as per the central government of India guidelines. The authorities have made it necessary since 1988 to pass this National Eligibility Test for lectureship, which is supervised by the National Eligibility Bureau. The new Free Educational Act has increased need of the teachers all over the country, thus, making this exam even more important as the authorities want the teachers to come with the extraordinary brilliance.

With the change in the field of education, the quality of education also needed to be improved and so the test is considered as one of the hardest tests across the nation. There is a huge variety of subjects available to clear the test. However, availability of different subjects does not affect the overall value and competitiveness of the test. In fact, due to the difference of various cultures across the nation, these subjects have added much value to the test. The quality of the test is also assured due to the presence of UGC.

About the NET exam:
This exam is conducted around 84 centers in the country for the convenience of the people who are willing to appear in it. A large number of people appear for the NET exam every year. They prepare all year and give the exam in any of the month out of June or December in which this exam is conducted.

The main subjects included in the exam are as follows:

· English,
· Telugu,
· Hindi,
· Law
· Bengali,
· Marathi,
· Economics,
· Political Science,
· Psychology, Philosophy,
· Education,
· Sociology,
· History,
· Commerce,
· Kannada,
· Punjabi,
· Oriya,
· Sanskrit,
· Tamil,
· Nepali,
· Linguistic,
· Chinese,
· Arabic,
· Manipuri,
· Rajasthani,
· French,
· Persian,
· Santali,
· Gujarati,
· German,
· Japanese,
· Adult Education,
· Physical Education
· Continuing Education,
· Non Formal Education,
· Indian Culture,
· Labor Welfare,
· Industrial Relations,
· Human Resource management
· Personnel Management and
· Labor and Social Welfare.

Preparing with the help of already solved papers:

There are subjects, which are closely related to science field. The aspirants are at liberty to choose any subject, as per their interest and ability. For the preparation of this paper, the candidates can get the UGC Net Solved Question Papers, which are available in the bookstores for the convenience of the candidates. With the help of these papers, the candidates can have an idea of the real paper and prepare accordingly. These papers help the candidates a lot as many of the problems in these papers are the questions, which appeared in the question paper of the previous years, and the pattern of the exam can be known with their help.


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