Proper preparation is necessary to pass the CDS

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A great number of people are fascinated towards the jobs in defense. The defense service is an honourable and a lucrative career option for youngsters and job seekers who want to build a strong, secure and a dignified carrier. The hiring process for defense services is very strict, and it is very difficult to pass that procedure. Yes, it is necessary to recruit people in defense in order to serve the nation, but the standards for recruitment cannot be lowered as this is a matter of national security. A person that is unfit physically or mentally cannot be employed in defense services. If you think that you have it in you to be a defense officer, then, the CDS exam is the best choice for you.

What is CDS exam?

CDS is a short form of Combined Defense Services and is held every year by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). The officer recruited in defense services through CDS gets a very good lifestyle and the honour to be a dignified defense officer. Most of the candidates take the NDA exams to get entry in defense service that is done after completing your 10+2. Here, the cadets are recruited as captain and get excellent training and education. The CDS exam is for the aspirants who have missed that previous chance.

Eligibility and selection

The eligibility for CDS 2014 is that the person should be below twenty five years of age and should hold a graduate degree in any field or stream. There may be some exception in selection of services depending on the field in which the candidate holds the graduation degree. The aspirants having an engineering degree have a direct entry in the recruitment process. There is no need for them to the written exam; they can directly appear for the personal interviews. This is same for recruitment in all the three services that are Army, Navy and Air Force.

For others, there is a written exam conducted. All the candidates those have passed the written exams are advanced to the interviews. The interviews are quiet tough to pass, but once you pass this step, you enter the final step that is SSB. The SSB stands for Staff Selection Board. This is the most difficult part of the recruitment process in defense. Most of the candidates are ruled out in this step. The interviews of SSB are of 5 days span. There is a specific behaviour that they seek in every candidate in order to becoming an officer. If you pass this stage, then, you are taken for the medical tests. When you pass the medical tests, and after some formalities, you are recruited in the defense services and are called for training. After the training, you are commissioned as an officer in one of the defense services of India.

The competition for CDS exam is very tough, and standards for the recruitment are very strict. It is advisable to get proper coaching and training so that you could you have chances of selection in the defense services.


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