NEE is the entrance exam for NERIST Engg. Admissions

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NERIST (North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology), located at Nirjuli, Itanagar in the Indian State of Arunachal Pradesh was set up by the Government of India, initially as a project of the North-eastern Council (NEO), to provide a system of education to create technical manpower at various levels for the development of the North-Eastern region of the country.

It is a unique Institute of its kind in the country, having unconventional and innovative academic programmes. The approach is to encourage a policy of vocationalisation at the 10+2 level and allow only motivated students to go for the degree level, while others go out of the Institute to enrich their profession with some years of professional experience. At any future date, if they decide to return to the Institute to improve their qualification, they would be allowed to do so.

Since April 1, 1994 the institute has been fully-funded and directly controlled by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD), New Delhi. Since May 2005, NERIST has been a Deemed University.

The institute is managed by a Board of Management, comprising representative of MHRD, the eight beneficiary States of the North-Eastern region, AICTE and eminent educationists.

The Institute offers admission to three types of programmes:

  1. Base Module in Technology
  2. Diploma Module in Technology
  3. Degree Module in Technology

The departments which offer admission at all the three levels are as follows:

(1)    Civil engineering

(2)    Mechanical Engineering

(3)    Electrical and Electronics Engineering

(4)    Electronics and Communication Engineering

(5)    Agricultural Engineering

For admission to all the three modules, three entrance examinations, namely NEE-I, NEE-II and NEE-III are conducted. All the entrance examinations are conducted at various centres located in the North-Eastern States of India.

Computer Science Department of the institute offers Admission to only Diploma and Degree Modules.

Eligibility: For Degree Module, the Candidates should possess three-year Polytechnic Diploma from any AICTE/Government-recognized polytechnic in the respective discipline or allied branch with 60% marks in aggregate or equivalent CGPA or NERIST diploma.

Date of Examination: The entrance examination is held sometime in May. See NERIST NEE Engg Entrance Exam datails

Note: Candidates selected for admission to Degree Module through NEE-III have to undergo course consisting of two semesters (1 Years).



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